News blog, January 14: Victoria to utilise medi-hotels; Pine Lodge church’s final service – Shepparton News

News blog, January 14: Victoria to utilise medi-hotels; Pine Lodge church’s final service – Shepparton News

Rainclouds and rainbows: A stunning shot from Shepparton East from News photographer Rodney Braithwaite
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Rodney Braithwaite

Gday, Shepparton, Max Stainkamph’s here with the day’s news blog, to guide you through what’s hip and happening and crackalakin (do the kids still say that?) around Shepparton and the Goulburn Valley this marvellous Friday.

Check back during the day for all the news, and who knows, there might be some cricket commentary along the way as we seep into the afternoon.

We’re heading for a top of 30 degrees today in Shepparton, with some sun and some cloud, I guess. I’m not a meteorologist.

UPDATE, 4.30pm: Enjoy your weekend, Shepparton!

It’s Friday afternoon, let’s see if we can finish up for the day. I’m heading off on some leave, so you’ll be in the capable hands of my colleagues Rosa Ritchie and Georgia Rossiter over the next few weeks, but look after yourselves.

By way of a parting gift, I stepped into the shoes of beloved reporter John Lewis this week to write a column, and I quite enjoyed it. It features ham, cricket, summer, rivers and a cat sitting on a coffee table.

I hope you enjoy it too. Check it out here.

UPDATE, 4.15pm: Oh dear

Cricket 🙁

Usman and Smithy gone now. Very good bowling from England on a very bowler friendly pitch. We’re 3-12.

Back in the Goulburn Valley, koalas at the Kyabram Fauna Park are set to enjoy a lifetime supply of their favourite leaves from a new koala food forest planted through a partnership between the park and Gargarro Botanic Gardens.

Kyabram maestro Caitlyn Grant put this yarn together. Check it out in full here.

UPDATE, 3.55pm: Dangit

Back to the cricket. Warner out without scoring. This pitch has some demons, hooly dooly, and that Ollie Robinson ball catches the outside edge and he’s nicked it to second slip.

UPDATE, 3.45pm: Life after footy takes its toll: Daniels

Sharing his story: Jamason Daniels has revealed the struggles he’s faced after his stint in the AFL. Photo by Luke Hemer. Photo by Luke Hemer

Stepping away from the cricket for the moment (we’re 0-2 from …….


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